Telecom Sales Support Specialist at Digital Management Solutions, Inc

Belleville, IL 62226

About the Job

Digital Management Solutions is looking to welcome an additional person to our team. The Telecom Sales Support Specialist will be a key member of the team responsible for administration of telecommunication sales quotes and customer contracts. The position will be supporting our direct and indirect sales force to coordinate pricing requests, invoice analysis, contract generation, and carrier resources so that the sales team is able to use that information in proposing solutions to their customers. This position will be responsible for ensuring the correct sales information is entered into our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software and is handed off to the order support team. In addition, this position will help create reporting that will provide an overview of sales activities and communicate that data to management. The Telecom Sales Support Specialist will be responsible for documenting the sales support process to provide other employees visibility for backup purposes. This role will report to the Support Manager and work closely with our sales and support teams.


We are looking for someone with a strong background in the telecommunications industry who is familiar with carrier services for business voice, data, internet, long distance, cloud-based software, and other telephony products. The ideal candidate for this job should have 2+ years of experience in the telecommunications industry and be familiar or have prior work experience with an ILEC such as AT&T, CenturyTel, Verizon, Frontier OR a CLEC such as Paetec, Windstream, XO, Telepacific, Charter, Comcast or another CLEC.




·         Communicate with telecom and cloud-based carriers to retrieve quote information in accordance with direct sales and agent requests

·         Enter information pertaining to potential sales in the active CRM software

·         Manage open quotes to ensure no bottlenecks are found and direct sales and agents get their quotes in a timely manner

·         Request customer contracts from telecom and cloud-based carriers on behalf of direct sales or agents once a customer is ready to sign up for service

·         Ensure contracts are issued, signed by the customer, countersigned by the carrier, and sent to order support in a timely manner

·         Set direct sales and agent expectations regarding turnaround time for quotes and contracts

·         Liaise amongst sales and support teams to ensure smooth and accurate processing of sales orders as part of the specified workflow

·         Proactively identify opportunities to improve the sales process and to assist support management in understanding process bottlenecks and inconsistencies

·         Pull sales reporting for sales management

·         Handle ad hoc requests for sales information

·         Answer ad hoc questions from sales and support teams

·         Document sales support process

·         Attend miscellaneous meetings


·         Attend internal sales meetings

·         Work on projects in progress as time allows


·         1:1 meetings with Support Manager

·         Attend support staff meetings as necessary


·         Merge duplicate data in CRM software

·         Prepare and distribute final monthly sales data

·         Update agent and sales representative data in CRM software

·         Perform other related duties and projects as assigned


Work Form

Primarily working in CRM software and Outlook; however, also involves a lot of communication between the carriers, agents, sales, and support staff.  This role will also have access to some carrier systems to be able to directly request quotes and pull contracts.

Relationship to other Departments

The Telecom Sales Support Specialist interacts a great deal with the internal sales team and support team. They are responsible for the handling of all pre-sales documentation and ensuring orders to the order support team are accurate and complete. 


Equivalent Positions

Telecom Client Solutions Specialist.  After the handoff from the Telecom Sales Support Specialist to the Telecom Client Solutions Specialist, the Telecom Client Solutions Specialist manages the order through to completion and also handles any questions or issues after the installation.

Physical Requirements

No physical requirements necessary.

Hazards or Unusual Working Conditions



·         Minimum – Associates Degree (Bachelor’s Degree preferred)

·         2+ years of telecommunications experience working with business services

·         1+ years of experience with pricing and quoting preferred

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

·     Knowledge of business communication and collaboration services such as carrier WAN networks, business Internet services, SIP trunking, hosted PBX, cloud based applications and business security services

·    Ability to work with multiple carrier platforms and business models

·         Demonstrate sound judgment and decision making, keeping company and customer best interests at all times

·         Demonstrate excellent verbal and written communication skills

·         Ability to manage multiple requests through multiple parties on a daily basis

·         Proven organizational skills

·         Superior time management skills

·         Proficiency in computer skills including Microsoft Office and cloud-based applications

·         Expert in Excel

·         Have the ability to prepare overviews of service offerings in presentation form using Microsoft Excel

·         Creative with approaches to solutions

·         Efficient and accurate with data entry

·         CRM software experience preferred, including report building

·         Process documentation experience preferred

Special requirements/Licenses

·         None

Supervisory Responsibilities

·         None

Optimal Personality Characteristics

·         Honest

·         Accountable

·         Positive

·         Dependable

·         Hardworking

·         Respectful

·         Persistent

·         Accurate

·         “Get it right the first time” mentality

·         Self-motivated

·         Intellectually curious

·         Helpful to other team members in times of fluctuating workload

·         Calm under pressure

·         Flexible

·         Personable

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