Academic Dean at Platt College

Anaheim, CA 92806

About the Job

Platt College, a premier education group in Southern California, is conducting a search for an Academic Dean to add to the academic team.  The position would be located at the Anaheim California Campus of Platt College.

The Dean is responsible for the overall operation of their respective units. The Dean is responsible for the delivery of educational programs and services through training faculty and staff, managing faculty and staff, monitoring and maintaining curricula, managing the delivery of educational services and overseeing and monitoring student performance.


Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Meet and exceed budgeted retention rates
  • Ensure that academic programs meet the standards as established by ACCSC, BPPE, DOE, and other regulatory agencies
  • Follow all academic policies and procedures
  • Ensure that faculty meet the standards as established by ACCSC, BPPE, DOE, and other regulatory agencies
  • Ensure college is in compliance with all regulatory bodies
  • Ensure that attendance and grades are posted and distributed in accordance with FERPA and academic guidelines
  • Works to fulfill objectives, plans and programs of the College in all education/training areas by planning, organizing, directing, staffing, training, evaluating, coordinating, motivating and supervising the college’s Education Department, which includes personnel, curricula and students
  • Ensure excellent customer service and professionalism to all current students, prospective students and co-workers in all departments at all times


Maintain Student Satisfaction/Advise Current Students –

  • Advise on Change of Status (CoS) concerns (LOA’s, Drops, schedule changes, retaking classes, etc.)
  • Advise on all attendance/academic/behavioral problem students in a timely manner
  • Work to ensure high participation rates in all student and faculty surveys
  • Contact any student who requests a meeting via the Student End of Course Survey (SEOCS)
  • Monitor daily attendance tracking system to solve attendance issues immediately
  • Review instructors’ mid-modular student conferences
  • Manage conflicts between students and/or between students and faculty/staff
  • Inspire students to the highest level of achievement in preparation for meeting employer expectations


Prospective Students –

  • Attend Acceptance Committee meetings to represent the Education Department
  • Using CampusVue, ascertain which students scheduled to start earned a CPAt score less than 150. Meet with all prospective students with a CPAT score lower than 150
  • Meet with all prospective students with whom there are any concerns
  • Meet as many prospective students as possible (while touring/interviewing with admissions/etc.)
  • Conduct academic portion of new student orientation
  • Be available on the start date of each module to ensure a smooth start to new module


Maintain Quality Faculty/Staff –

  • Interview, recruit and train high quality faculty and staff
  • Verify all classes have appropriate coverage and that instructors complete modules
  • Conduct weekly meetings with faculty and staff
  • Verify instructor’s maintenance of administrative duties (e.g. grades, attendance, record keeping)
  • Advise faculty as needed
  • Conduct annual reviews for faculty/staff
  • Provide cross-training/product knowledge training for other departments


Research and Development –

  • Monitor/facilitate timely curriculum revisions
  • Review curriculum/text/equipment changes with advisory board and industry professions as necessary
  • Improve and review curriculum as needed in order to ensure that curriculum is meeting course objectives
  • Research options for the following: student advising, on-campus clubs, off-campus activities, community development
  • Student/Faculty Recognition (e.g. motivation board, grad success stories)


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Understanding of educational environments including student and faculty needs
  • Ability to coordinate multiple tasks and manage multiple departments and personnel including students
  • Ability to maintain the integrity of the curriculum
  • Knowledge and understanding of professional career paths for which students are enrolled
  • Motivation, dedication and enthusiasm for teaching


Credentials and Experience:

  • 3-5 years related experience in field of education
  • Advanced degree (Master’s degree minimum requirement)
  • Strong administrative, management and leadership skills
  • Good organizational and communication skills


Special Requirements:

  • Flexible Schedule - may include work in evenings, weekends or holidays
  • Attendance at Platt College Graduation Ceremony required


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